Sherwood Church of Christ Acceptable Use Policy

Sherwood Church of Christ Acceptable Use Policy

Sherwood Church Of Christ

Acceptable Use Policy: Technology and Connections 

Vision:  Supporting Sherwood Church Of Christ’s (Hereafter known as “Church”) mission of sharing Jesus Christ with the greater Odessa, Texas area, through the use of technology and equipment (also called “Information Technology” or “Technology”) to further communication and speed access to the Word of God. 

The term Technology covers a wide range of processes used to communicate information within our church.  Computers and Internet access through the Church Network form but one element of this term.   Also included are video resources, CD/DVD materials as well as newspaper and magazines distributed by the Church and shall not be limited to these sources.  Technology in all its forms is a tool and not an end in itself and is a resource that we utilize to attain our goals.  

Computer access via wireless and wired networks is available as a tool and a resource to our staff, students, members and guests.  We believe that this resource is a valuable tool for research, learning and teaching.  We are aware that a great deal of information on the Internet is offensive, inaccurate and contrary to both our community values and the Word of God. 

Use of the Sherwood Church of Christ network is a privilege and not a right.  The Church Eldership holds oversight of this policy and reserves the right to modify it at any time for any reason.  In addition the Elders are the authority for any violation of this policy and appropriate action is at their discretion

Acceptable Use Policy (hereafter referred to as “The Policy”).  By using the Technology provided by the Church, all users are agreeing to abide by the following Policy:

  1.  All users will use access to Information Technology hardware and software in accordance with this policy.
  2. All users must recognize they are a representative of the church and act accordingly.  Courtesy, politeness and kindness is expected and required.
  3. The Church reserves the right to limit and restrict access to the network by password as well as by filtering software to control access to websites that violate our beliefs.
  4. Users will not share Wireless Access keys or passwords.  Users granted access keys, passwords including physical keys are responsible for the security of and cost of replacement of keys if lost, stolen or shared.
  5. Use of equipment for fraudulent, illegal, immoral or unethical reasons as determined by the Eldership is strictly prohibited. Examples are, but not limited to: sending/relaying spam email, transmitting viruses, illegally obtained software, copyright/trademark infringements, plagiarizing other’s writings, use of file sharing websites or to access other’s networks without authorization.
  6. Use of equipment/network for anti-Christian behavior such as pornography, hate-speech, racism, hate mail, harassment or threatening and intimidating bullying behavior is unacceptable.  Christ-like behavior will be determined by the Eldership.
  7. The Church encourages all members to use its website and to share appropriate information online and through social media; however sharing of private and personal information without consent of the person or of a parent is strictly prohibited.