1. I was looking for a commentary on John 13:1-17 thru goggle, stumbled (wink wink ) on this lesson. I am a brother in the Boston Church of Christ. Was very encouraged by the brother’s account of Papua New Guinea. Only a Texan would know what an F-350 ranch is : ). Challenged to pick up my apron and show people the love of Christ. This past weekend I got out of my boat (fear of what others think) and began a bible study at a men’s drug treatment center 1 mile from my house, 2 disciples and 30 men Jesus is looking to save. Let you know when the first one is baptized to the glory of God.

  2. Paul,
    I want to thank you for your comment and for your service. Also thank you for taking the time. I am the IT Geek for Sherwood Church of Christ and get between 100 and 1000 spam or bad messages a day. You are the first person outside of immediate membership or volunteer test comment makers to leave a valid comment. It is discouraging often when it seems like no one is looking for or at the website.

    I also commend you for getting out of the boat. I am so thankful to God for people who volunteer their services in God’s name at rehab treatment centers, local, county, state and federal jails or halfway houses. If it were not for volunteers teaching and preaching the word of God I would not be where I am today. I teach addiction recovery as well. I disagree with most of the AA/NA/EA 12 step programs on one fundamental issue. I do not believe in once an addict always an addict. If we cannot change what use is it in God asking us to repent? I believe that we are called and able to be whole men and women of God through Christ Jesus. That does not mean it is easy or without blood sweat and tears. I like Jerimian 1:10 as a plan and process for addition recovery. Simple steps: 1. God is in control. 2. Root out the issues driving the addiction (childhood abuse/loss of job/etc…) 3. Tear down the outward behaviors and relationships that enable the addiction 4. Build up new behaviors to replace those that have been torn down 5. Plant (create roots) new relationships based on love, service and healthy behaviors and communication.

    Again thank you so much for your comment. Hope you come back often.

    Jonathan Terry
    Webmaster and IT Guru
    Sherwood Church Of Christ
    Odessa Texas

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