The Acts of the Holy Spirit: Are you a believer? Have you received?

Sunday, July 24, 2016 AM Service, Mark Wilson speaking
Scripture Reading:  Romans 6:17

Part 1
There are two things that bring us into relationship with God.  First is Faith.  The second is Obedience.  Faith is required to have a Salvation relationship with God and obedience keeps us there.  The question in discussion is regarding music.  Is a capella music a salvation issue?  No.  It is an obedience issue.   Do we give God what he asks for or what we “want” to give Him?

Part 2 – Acts 18:24 – 19:6
We still can make mistakes, even after being baptized.  Here in this scripture Paul discovers a group of believers that only know the baptism of John.  Paul baptizes them in the name of Jesus and they received the Holy Spirit.  Is part of our discomfort in talking about the Holy Spirit is because we do not clearly understand the Holy Spirit??  We are either Christian, and a Believer or we are not.



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