Mark Wilson


Welcome to our church home on the internet! We are so happy you are checking us out today! Here at Sherwood I have noticed something that I haven’t noticed in my twenty-three years of preaching; the people here truly love each other. We consider ourselves a family! When a member of the family hurts, we as a body comfort. When a member of the family mourns, we as a body mourn too. When a member of the family is doing well, the body rejoices. Try us out! We meet every Sunday morning for Bible class and worship starting at 9:30 AM and every Sunday evening at 5 PM. We also meet on Wednesday nights at 7 PM to refresh ourselves with the body to make it through the week.

About Mark

Mark has been preaching for the Sherwood family since 2009. Mark has had many jobs in the oil industry and on ranches. He enjoys fixing cars, working in his shop, and being with his family. He works along side his wife Laurie as they teach, encourage, and bless us here at Sherwood.