Super Bowl Trivia – Who won first Super Sunday?

It’s that time of year again! The time to make dinner reservations, to laugh and maybe cry, to remember the times of the past, and to watch CAM NEWTON BEAT UP ON MANNING. It’s super bowl season! And as I think of Super Sunday approaching I was talking with some friends about the last time the Panthers were in the Super Bowl, of course it’s been so long ago we needed help from our friend Siri. And that got me thinking, if you truly are a NFL fan, you could tell me the last time the Panthers were in the Super Bowl. You could even tell me who won that game, (no cheating) but do you remember the score from the ’81 game? No? How about the ’76 game? Still nothing? Ok…how about this one, do you know who won the first Super Sunday 2000 years ago?

It happened so long ago, but we still remember who won and who lost! Jesus has won the battle and that has helped me to continue my walk toward looking like the One I love. And life gets hard sometimes, Satan has his weapons. But the one weapon he was sure about was death. Everybody dies. How can God beat that? My friends, God has defeated all of satan’s weapons including death. And if we believe that then let’s live like it has no hold on us!

Picture it this way, you ended up having to work on Sunday and you missed the big game! Luckily, thanks to modern technology you DVR’d the game. And some time on your way home to watch the game you found out that your team won. So you put the game on…would you get frustrated and yell at the TV as much if your Quarterback threw a pick-6? I don’t think so. Would you yell and shout in anger if your team messed up a play that stopped them from scoring? No! Why? Because you already know your team won.

My friends, this is like Jesus. He has already won the fight. Satan has no control anymore, even over death. So let us walk knowing that if God is for us who can be against us!

In His Service,



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