From the Desk of Adam Marshall

From Trey & Lea’s Stronger Marriage Workshops:


1. Honesty, openness, and forgiveness can bring miracles to a marriage.
2. “Married sex” should never be an oxymoron.
3. Marriage will improve almost instantly if you’ll focus on your spouse’s strengths and what they do right … not just what you don’t like.
4. It may feel good to be right, but is winning arguments isn’t more important than a happy marriage.
5. Sex is like chocolate, you don’t have to be craving it to enjoy it.
6. Hold hands … a lot.
7. Your children are learning about marriage from watching your marriage. Train them well.
8. The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.

7 Bible verses to start your year off right:
In Him,
Adam Marshall
Education & Young Families Minister
Sherwood Church of Christ
Odessa, TX


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