MONEY MATTERS by lynn money

First, I would like to commend our Youth Minister, Brandon Owens, for his work on this web site. With some technical expertise from James Martin, the creativity and interest of Brandon, we are getting things “up and running. ” My part in this section will be to generally keep you up to date on the life of the Sherwood family. Some of my posts will be from a ministry perspective as the Minister of Family Life. Some will be from an elder perspective as I communicate through this medium some of the elders’ concerns regarding the life of this church family God has entrusted to us. Some may be from a student perspective as I share some of my study done in preparation for teaching a class or preaching a sermon. Some posts may include commentary on current events, of a spiritual nature with a promise to always be within a biblical perspective. And from time to time, we will highlight ministries at Sherwood that are making a difference in the community or include a tribute to one of our “soldiers of the cross gone home.”  So you see, MONEY MATTERS is not just about money, but is Money’s (that is Lynn Money’s) perspective on everything Sherwood. I hope it will be “warm place” in your browsing that your “favorites bar” will point to as we walk the walk of Christ together as we respond to the heavenward call.

Please use the whole site. For up to date information on events and prayer list, see the “Newsletters” section. Real soon, Sunday Morning and Evening Sermons by our pulpit minister Mark Wilson will be available. We are working on our own video introduction on the home page. You will see Brandon around the next few weeks taking pictures to add to this site. We are trying to stay up to date with all the latest technology so we can communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every generation. I am pleased that we have those who are technologically savvy enough to get this done, and keep this old technologically challenged preacher (and I can include our younger techno-challenged preacher, Mark Wilson) informed and up to date. Two of the deacons who I believe have helped a great deal with this are Darryl Boykin and Clint Golden. It is a work in progress. We beg your patience. I think you’re going to like the finished product.



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